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By Christine Green

Make open air playtime enjoyable and stress-free with this glorious selection of conventional and new video games that would quickly turn into playground favourites. The actions use available apparatus corresponding to balls and skipping ropes and may swimsuit person scholars, teams or maybe the entire category.

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French skipping (2) A slightly more difficult variation from the previous page. ✦ You need a minimum of three players, two players standing inside the loop so they are stretching it taut around their ankles. The job of the third player is to perform a number of jumps making sure that after each move their feet land in specified positions in relation to the gaps of elastic between each player as such. 1) Both feet under the elastic 2) Both feet on top of the elastic 3) One foot on top, one foot underneath 4) One foot on top, one underneath then change feet quickly before moving to the next stretch of elastic (known in the game as ‘swapsies’).

David then throws the ball to another player in the circle and can either stick to capital cities or try to catch that player out and choose another category. ✦ This procedure continues with the ball going backwards and forwards from the centre person around the circle but the person in the middle can throw randomly to anyone. RULES: 30 ✧ If a player can’t think of an answer within five seconds of catching the ball they are out of the game. ✧ If they drop the ball they are out of the game. ✧ If they give a wrong answer they are out of the game.

Postman, Postman ✦ This game is designed for two people to play. Whoever has charge of the skipping rope has to sing whilst the other person has to be ready to jump in when their part is sung. Postman Postman do your duty Here comes (at this point he/she calls out the name of the other skipper who has to jump in) Katie, the English beauty. She can wiggle, she can waddle, she can do the splits. She wears her dresses (at this point the singer can choose between one of the following: around, below) her hips.

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