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By Richard Wiseman

ISBN-10: 1509824014

ISBN-13: 9781509824014

What may you do if anyone guess you they can stability a coin at the fringe of a banknote, stroll via a postcard, or make you progress your limbs during the strength of advice? might you're taking that bet?

From Richard Wiseman, the author of the 350-million-view YouTube phenomenon, Quirkology, comes an exhilarating mixture of lateral considering, magic tips and scintillating technology stunts that's bound to attract curious minds everywhere.

Using in basic terms your physique and daily family gadgets, one zero one Bets you'll always Win is either a realistic consultant and illuminating exploration of the attention-grabbing technology that underpins those probably most unlikely challenges.

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This oil makes your fingers relatively smooth, and so during the bet you run the risk of just brushing against the banknote rather than pulling it out from under the coins. However, add a small amount of sticky saliva to your finger and the extra friction ensures that the banknote is whipped away every time. MATCHSTICK MAYHEM TEN WAYS TO WIN WITH MATCHES THE AMAZING HISTORY OF THE MODERN MATCH The ability to create fire is essential to our survival. In the past our ancestors made fire with the heat from a rapidly rotating stick or by striking steel against flint.

PICK ME UP This bet involves two straws. Cut one straw in half and fold the other in two. Create a pyramid by balancing the folded straw against the tip of one of the halves, and then challenge your friend to pick up the pyramid using the other half-straw. To win the bet, carefully place the straw inside the top of the pyramid and gently push it against the folded straw. The other half-straw will drop forward onto the straw that you are holding. Finally, lock the half-straw that has just fallen forward under the point of the ‘V’ of the folded straw, and you can pick everything up.

This remarkable document was produced in AD 950 and describes how sticks of sulphur-impregnated pinewood would ignite when placed close to a flame. Referred to as ‘light-bringing slaves’, these sticks were used in night-time emergencies to instantly create a bright light. IMPOSSIBLE GLASS Arrange four matches to represent a wine glass, and place a coin inside the glass. Now challenge your friend to move just two of the matches and end up with the coin outside the glass. The answer is easy when you know how.

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101 Bets You Will Always Win: The Science of the Seemingly Impossible by Richard Wiseman

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Download e-book for kindle: 101 Bets You Will Always Win: The Science of the Seemingly by Richard Wiseman
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