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Whitman a major Little Book

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They encourage us not to miss opportunities to address life’s deepest questions because of fear of being ‘‘off task’’ or venturing into a realm that is forbidden in public schools. They remind us that what we do about welcoming the inner life into our classrooms will matter. Why We Need Schools with Spirit As we step into the new millennium, we are holding in our individual and collective hands the opportunity to use our civilization’s new knowledge and advances for unbearable evil, devastation, and moral breakdown—or for goodness, transformation, and hope.

Instead, he preserved his sense of self in the only way he could figure out to do—by sitting all day in the coatroom. For developmental reasons, young children have difficulty thinking of options other than the one directly in front of them. It is the teacher who must think creatively enough to prevent or break through power deadlocks such as this one. Teacher education programs, with all of our theories and techniques, tend to focus on a great deal of content that is outside of our individual selves.

Nurturing Meaningful Connections with Young Children [  ] emotional literacy goals for young children • • • • • • Help children identify their feelings. Help children learn to ‘‘read’’ the feelings of others. Help children learn to express their feelings; help them develop a repertoire of words for feelings. Help children develop empathy for how others feel. Help children connect feelings to the actions and words that caused them. Help children separate feelings from action, to learn to think before acting.

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