New PDF release: Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

By Mark McGillivray (eds.)

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If a higher poverty line of $US2 a day is used then the global poverty profile shifts, with South Asia again having most of the world’s poor, followed by Africa. Income poverty is higher in rural areas than urban ones. In 2015, 70 per cent of the income-poor will live in rural areas. 9 However, there have been substantial upward revisions to mortality estimates in the base year (1990) since they carried out their analysis, so it is to be expected that their results should have a downward bias. Indeed, the figures are lower than those available from other sources.

14 Mark McGillivray Finally, having examined ‘progress towards the MDGs’ it would be remiss, at this stage of the chapter, not to consider what this actually means. What does ‘progress towards the MDGs’ or for that matter ‘MDG achievement’ actually mean? The preceding discussion has, to some extent, been vague with respect to these questions. Answers to them logically follow from each other, so let us focus on the meaning of the second question. There are three possible interpretations for any given goal: (i) achievement in all countries and therefore worldwide; (ii) achievement in all regions of the world but not necessarily achievement in each country within each region; or (iii) achievement in the world as a whole but not necessarily in each region or country.

OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) (2007c) International Development Statistics On-line. Paris. Saith, A. (2006) ‘From Universal Values to Millennium Development Goals: Lost in Translation’. Development and Change, 37(6): 1167–99. UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS) (2006) 2006 Report of the Global AIDS Epidemic. Geneva. UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) (2006) Human Development Report, 2006. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. United Nations (2000) United Nations Millennium Declaration: Resolution Adopted by the General Assembly, Fifty-fifth Session, Agenda Item 60(b) New York.

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New PDF release: Achieving the Millennium Development Goals
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