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By Roger Lindsay

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This e-book encompasses a pictorial heritage of the English electrical Lightning in RAF carrier. together with person airplane histories.

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The Marine Corps had given up an opportunity to purchase 17 additional McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom lis in order to procure the initial dozen Harriers, and they did not want it to appear they had bought an aircraft incapable of defending itself. As part of the purchase agreement, The Harrier came equipped with a ventral speedbrake, unlike the earlier Kestrel which had used its main landing gear door as a speedbrake. (Mick Roth) BOEING /BAe HARRIER 33 CENERAl ARRANCEMENT AUXILIARY POWER UNIT RAM AIR TURBINE (BEFORE AFC 140) TYPICAL IFF/SSR ANTENNA PITOT TUBE RADIO ALTIMETER ANTENNA STANDBY UHF ANTENNA PITCH REACTION CONTROL VALVE TURBINE (HOT) NOZZLE The general arrangement of the AV-BA was also representative of the GR 7 since they were essentially identical.

At the After the RAF Harriers arrived the same time other Sea Harriers Sea Harriers were largely used in attacked a small airfield at Goose the combat air patrol role since Green, 50 miles to the west. The they were equipped to launch Argentineans were airborne with a AIM-9 Sidewinders and the RAF air- craft were not, at least initially (the RAF hurriedly adopted such a capability). The FRS1 proved remarkably successful in this role. On 21 May the British made a major amphibious landing at San Carlos Bay and the Sea Harriers engaged Argentine Mirage IIIEAs, A-4P Skyhawks, and Aermacchi MB-338 ground attack aircraft.

The reaction control valves exhaust emerges at about 7,500 knots, 400°C (750°F) and 750 psi. Although velocity, pressure, and temperature drop off with distance, the exhaust velocity at ground level in a low hover can be 300-400 knots at 4 psi. If this pressure is permitted to build up under a surface such as a landing mat or manhole cover, the lifting force becomes tremendous. A pressure of 4 psi will lift 4-foot-thick concrete or 8-inch-thick steel. The Harrier has proven to be an efficient manhole cover remover, although it displays no discretion on depositing them after removal.

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