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By Aldous Huxley (editor)

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Our present policy, which consists in combining vulnerability with aggressive rearmament, is merely suicidal. A Gmuine De/mu Policy. At least a year's supply of food must be kept in store and, to avoid the danger of destruction, the stores should be in small granaries scattered widely over the countryside. Essential services should be duplicated, dispersed and protected. Fire-fighting services should be enlarged and a corps of technicians organized for repairing damages done. Finally, the heavy industries should be decentralized and the cities rebuilt, so as to consist of a series of tall blocks of buildings, each with its bomb-proof roof and each standing in its area of open space.

Its reversal is desirable not only on moral grounds, but also as a simple measure of national self-preservation. The conclusions we have reached may be summed up as follows: (I) Existing passive defence methods serve only to make attack indiscriminately destructive. (2) Our policy of defence by means of threatened attack can only serve to alarm foreign nations and ultimately to invite aggression; for, however great our air 37 forces, we cannot, owing to the facts of geography, inflict as much damage as can be inflicted on us.

Their political philosophy is democratic. Some few attempts have already been made to modify the mili~ristic character of capitalism, to limit opportunities for private profit-making and to protect the consuming public. The London Transport Board and the Port of London Authority are essays in the limitation of capitalism. The Post Office, municipal services for transport, light, water, roads and the like are examples of full-blown socialism already at work. The Cooperative Movement has shown that, without violence and even without the backing of state or municipality, private individuals can create, in the midst of capitalist 40 surroundings, a flourishing island of non-competltlVe, non-exploiting, non-pro fit-making economic activity.

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An Encyclopædia of Pacifism - download pdf or read online
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