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By M.M. Rao

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Offers formerly unpublished fabric at the primary rules and homes of Orlicz series and serve as areas. Examines the pattern course habit of stochastic approaches.

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Gi = 1(1- Bi),and since, by the Induction shows that Borel-Cantelli lemma, there is probability 1that Bi > f holds infinitely often, it follows that C z 1 G i = 1 with probability 1. The random sequence G can be viewed as a description of a random dissection of the unit interval into an infinite sequence of subintervals. A piece of length B1 is broken off at the left, which leaves a piece of length 1- B1. From this, a piece of length (1 is broken off, which leaves a piece of length (1 - &)(1 - Bz), and so on.

CONVERGENCE IN DISTRIBUTION 27 convergence in distribution in the sense of S , the common condition being that lim inf, P[X, E G f l So] 1 P[X E G n SO]for every open set G in S. 9. Convergence in Probability If, for an element a of S, for each E, we say X, converges in probability to a. 6) holds. If G is open and a E G, then, for small enough E, liminf, P[X, E G] _> limn P[p(X,,a) < €1 = 1 = P[a E GI, whereas if a 4 G, then liminf,P[X, E GI 2 0 = P[a E GI. 5). 6) follows because [z:p(x,a) < €1 is open.

Therefore, the mapping theorem becomes: Xn + X (on S) implies h(Xn) + h ( X ) (on S') if P[X E Dh] = 0. The following hybrid terminology is convenient. If Xn and X are random elements of S , and if P n and P are their distributions, then Xn + X means P n + P. But we can just as well write Xn + P or Pn + X. Thus there are four contexts for the double arrow: The last three relations are defined by the first. If X, are random variables having asymptotically the standard normal distribution, this fact is expressed as Xn + N , and one can interpret N as the standard normal distribution on the line or (better) as any random variable having this distribution.

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Applications of Orlicz spaces by M.M. Rao

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