Karsten Müller's Chesscafe Puzzle Book 3: Test and Improve Your Defensive PDF

By Karsten Müller

Protect to the tip! some of the most very important abilities a chessplayer wishes is the power to safeguard a place that's below siege. during this 3rd quantity within the hugely acclaimed, best-selling ChessCafe Puzzle e-book sequence, overseas Grandmaster Karsten Müller in addition to overseas grasp Merij van Delft research and expound upon the very important protecting thoughts and strategies used to repulse enemy assaults. significant issues comprise (1) ideas and strategies of protecting; (2) protecting opposed to an immediate assault at the king; (3) Countering the initiative; (4) Saving the draw; (5) Passive as opposed to lively safeguard; and (6) Use and improvement of counterplay. some of the global s maximum gamers Steinitz, Lasker, Petrosian have been recognized for his or her mythical shielding abilities. Now foreign Grandmaster Karsten Müller in addition to overseas grasp Merijn van Delft will express you the way you could attempt and increase Your shielding ability.

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H4! 1-0 The white attack simply continues. Morphy Paris 1858 Corns C Wijk aan Zee 2007 (B) Can you find a way to embarrass White's attacking position? (B) Black's position is very tough to handle: he is facing a giant pawn on d6, his king is in trouble and counterplay seems far off. Can you find Black's only defense? 41 The ChessCafe Puzzle Book 3 2g) Closing Inroads save the bishop, which leaves his king rather helpless. '~b4 Ad8!. The Najdorf bishop that often just quietly sits on e7 doing a useful job keeping the Black position together, now joins the attack with decisive force.

Ile3 fla8! (l2 ... 4Jc3! with excellent gambit play. l2 ... 4Jxe4!? flel fle8 is the correct way of playing, as in Anand-Shirov, Wijk aan Zee 2010. gxa51 A strong positional exchange sacrifice. 1l ••. dxe5 ~g4 After 12 ... 4JxeS the majority of black pieces are under attack. Ag5! The point, as Black is now forced to seriously weaken his kingside. B ... f6 l3 ... e6! 4Jd4 is even worse. Ah4 and the stage was set for a nice attacking game by White. I5 ... 4)e4 gh6 22. o. New Delhiffeheran 2000 (W] White enjoys a material advantage, but is therefore seriously lagging in development.

A sample variation after the more stubborn 119 ... fig7?! is answered by 120 ... {)h3) 120 ... 'it>e6 {)e3 (124 ... fixg4 ~xc7. We have reached the previously mentioned classical ending. ~g7 winning. £)h3120 ... g5! <;tJg6! wins. 13xg5! Converting to a position where the 105 ... Ae5? This direct defense is not enough. Correct would have been 105 ... Af6! 106. Ei xd6? Ae7 is the point) 106... ~xb5 <£lf2 winning the g4-pawn, after which Black should be able to hold the draw. £)e4+! A clever trick, but Fishbein doesn't fall for it.

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