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By Doug Lennox

ISBN-10: 1550027433

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ISBN-13: 9781554882496

"When it rains, it pours," specially by way of best-selling writer Doug Lennox's Now you recognize severe climate . worldwide warming, killer hurricanes, murderous tornadoes, melting permafrost -- climate matters us all, and now with this tightly packed compenium of questions and solutions, everybody can get the lowdown on such things as:

What makes an ideal hurricane perfect?

Where's the world's most well-liked place?

Why used to be typhoon Katrina so destructive?

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Reunion was uninhabited when the Portuguese discovered it in 1513. Today more than 750,000 people live there. It is governed by France. What are monsoons? Monsoons are rainy periods that regularly, though not always predictably, soak parts of every continent except Europe and Antarctica. There are monsoons in the summer and in the winter. Summer monsoons develop as cool ocean air is drawn onto very hot land, giving up moisture as it rises against obstacles like the Himalayas. The winter monsoons, triggered by air flowing from land to sea, are drier.

37 Now You Know Extreme Weather What are valley breezes? Valley breezes are the opposite of katabatic winds. Called anabatic winds, they happen when air is drawn up mountain slopes that have warmed in the sun. These winds are an important source of lift for gliders. Where are foehn winds? A foehn wind is a warm wind that blows down the north side of the Alps, towards Germany. They often raise avalanche fears because they warm and destabilize snow on the mountain slopes. What is a haboob? Haboobs are sand or dust storms that occur in the more arid regions of the Sahara (such as the Sudan) and in Texas and Arizona in the United States.

55 Now You Know Extreme Weather What makes supercells so dangerous? Most violent tornadoes are spawned from supercells. These massive storms are also a source of large hail, flash flood-causing rains, and powerful lightning. Huge and slow moving, supercells can persist for hours in one location, causing a great deal of damage. How bad is freezing rain? From January 5 to 10,1998, freezing drizzle fell on southern Quebec, central Ontario, New York, and Maine. 5 centimetres) in some places. The weight of the ice pulled down tens of thousands of utility poles and countless trees, as well as 130 giant high-voltage transmission towers.

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Download e-book for kindle: Now You Know Extreme Weather: The Little Book of Answers by Doug Lennox
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